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What is the most sought major theme of consumer entertainment

With increasingly strong spending power of80 groups, all walks of life for these 80 characteristics also mushroomed toemerge, the most sought after is the major 80 theme of consumer entertainment. Entertainmentswhich play the theme slogan of all consumer psychology seize 80 pours, and someenjoy 80 such places greatly appreciated. Then, when after 80 gradually becomethe automobile and even auto market after the main consumer of our colleaguesin the air conditioning mould industry and how to seize their consumer mentality, to create the greatcause of it  Consumer choice of products, and more to stayin the price of the product brand, product design and product, brand and priceis quite the product packaging has become the main basis for consumers tochoose products, and even some consumers will select certain products, productpackaging to be the first factor to consider.

Therefore, the grasp of the productdesign directly determines the survival of this product in the market.Constantly creative and design level rising in the 21st century, you want thewinning designs, is not an easy thing, starting from the psychological needs ofconsumers, to seize the consistency of the mainstream consumer groups, can beregarded as out the match to win a shortcut. Thelate childhood memories of childhood memories of the 80 groups of commonattributes of the mainstream market in this car, should the appearance of the productimplanted in 80, showing 80Childhood Photos, believe must be able to impressthe vast majority of 80 importers.A series of material implanted blacksergeant, gourd, Popeye, dragons, etc. on the car seat, seat cover design,conditional or even writing for the childhood memories of the protagonist inthese 80 new stories, as a The theme to the design of new products, I believe,such a recalls started and highly appreciate the value of the product must beable to stand out and not go beyond the market in a competitive marketenvironment for the homogenization of 80.

As for the specific form of the majorcompanies may be based on different product attributes, different marketenvironment, through a joint with the school or solicitation to a large area ofthe community works, not only able to get a lot of good ideas, butalso a certain level of access to enterprise the visibility of the enterprisestarted the brand war is worth a try.80 theme-run automobile serviceestablishments or increased consumption viscosity. Main products: car dvd player and in car camera,are with good quality.The same business model, the same productsand services, consumers in the choice of a car service place, in addition toconsidering the distance; the more is the choice of personal feelings. Shouldthe major auto repair shop, the one-stop automotive maintenance beauty shop tocreate exclusive characteristics atmosphere, I believe consumers will be moreinclined to emotionally.